Power Negotiating


Secrets of Becoming a Master Negotiator
Negotiating/Communication Skills

In this high-energy presentation New York Times bestselling author Robert Shemin will lead you through what it takes to get your point across successfully and create agreement in business dealings and sales endeavors.
Shemin uses interactive examples to show common misconceptions and what it really takes to make the deal.

Key issues covered include:

• Discovering a person’s core values in 90 seconds or less
• Knowing what really motivates your people. You will be shocked.
• How to dominate any negotiation through posturing
• The 3 real ways to get rid of all objections
• How to triple your closing ratio

You will learn advanced techniques to understand what motivates whomever they’re trying to communicate with. They will be able to immediately determine people’s core values and why they do what they do.
The ability to motivate, persuade and sell will go up exponentially, increasing bottom line success.


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